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All new or updated documents, forms, code and permit updates, and new requirements relating to elevating devices can be found within the following bulletin.

Year Identification Link Description
2021 Standata Standata – Building Permits Required
2023 IBE23-005 IBE23-005 Upcoming new elevating devices code editions
2023 IBE23-004 IBE23-004 Seal Out of Service as per Owners Request
2023 IBE23-003 New FEO Upgrade Requirements
2023 IBE23-002 Repairs, Welding, and Design of Welding
2023 IBE23-001 IBE23-001 Code Data Plate, Acceptance Test Tag, Record
2021 IBE21-016 IBE21-016 Use of Elevator Security Keys for Construction Use Elevators
2021 IBE21-015 IBE21-015 Hydraulic Elevator Valve Replacement
2021 IBE21-013 IBE21-013 Minimum Door Speed Closing Times
2021 IBE21-012 IBE21-012 Replacement of Elevator Wire Rope Suspension Means
2021 IBE21-007 IBE21-007 Car Door Restrictors
2021 IBE21-005 IBE21-005 Understanding Category-5 Test Record Requirements
2021 IBE21-002 IBE21-002 Permits for Construction Use Elevators
2020 IBE20-022 IBE20-022 Alternate Means of Testing
2020 IBE20-014 IBE20-014 Escalator_Moving Walk UV Handrail Sanitizers
2020 IBE20-008 IBE20-008 Failure to Comply with Cited Deficiencies
2020 IBE20-005 IBE20-005 Non-Compliant Safety Devices Cat-1 & Step Index
2020 IBE20-004 IBE20-004 Verification on Completion of Inservice Directives (VCID)
2020 IBE20-003 IBE20-003 On site Unique Procedures for MRL Elevator
2020 IBE20-002 IBE20-002 Inspection of Construction Elevators to Public Elevator Use
2020 IBE20-001 IBE20-001 Moderization and Alteration of Elevator Car Cabs
2019 IBE19-005 IBE19-005 Cat 1 & Brake Dismantling Completion Timeline
2019 IBE19-001 IBE19-001 CAT1 FEO EPO Testing
2018 IBE18-004 IBE18-004 Removing Unsafe Elevating Devices from Service List
2017 IBE17-005 IBE17-005 Personnel Hoist Inspection Policy
2016 IBE16-003 IBE16-003 Major and Minor Alterations