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AEDARSA, as the Delegated Administrative Organization, is authorized to issue Permits of Operation for amusement rides in Alberta. The following are mailed to the owner/operator of amusement rides at the end of February each year.

  • Application for Permit of Operation – Part I Owner Information (EDA048)
  • Application for Permit of Operation – Part II Ride Information
  • Supplementary form for new and altered rides (EDA046 and EDA046a)
  • Explanatory letter – This letter details instructions to owners/operators including itinerary submission for portable rides and inspection scheduling requirements
  • Relevant enclosures – AEDARSA will enclose standatas, safety advisors or other relevant documents

All fees will be in Application for Permit of Operation Part I and Part II. Any supplementary forms received will be reviewed by appropriate personnel for accurate completion and fees before being accepted. Once an application is accepted, a Permit of Operation will be issued and mailed per owner/operator listing in accordance to the current ministerial order.

All fees must be received before a Permit of Operation is issued. AEDARSA abides by the frequency of inspections established by Alberta Municipal Affairs to ensure amusement rides are maintained and operated safely.

Inspections are required:

  • annually for all operating devices within the first setup in the province for portable rides
  • 30 days of start-up for seasonally operated permanent rides
  • April 1 to May 1 for year-round operated permanent rides

Please contact our nearest office if there are any questions regarding this information.

Amusement Rides Standards

CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association) is a leader in standards development and in testing, inspection and certification around the world. Visit the CSA Group website to find the following standards currently being used by AEDARSA for amusement rides.

  • ASTM F2783-20

Copies of the Safety Codes Act and other Alberta regulations applicable to elevating devices can be obtained through Alberta King’s Printer.