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All new or updated documents, forms, code and permit updates, and new requirements relating to passenger ropeways can be found within the following bulletin.

Date IBPR Number Description Link
02/02/2023 IBPR23-001 IBPR23-001 Minimum Number and Location of Operators
12/10/2022 IBPR22-002 IBPR22-002 Reporting of Passenger Ropeway Accidents/Incidents
27/09/2022 IBPR22-001 IBPR22-001 Passenger Ropeway and Passenger Conveyor Drive Upgrades Safety Alert Part 1 and 2
08/04/2021 IBPR21-001 IBPR21-001 Reporting of Passenger Ropeway Accidents & Incidents
19/03/2021 IBPR21-002 IBPR21-002 Clarification of Alterations
08/06/2020 AEDARSA PR Advisor June 2020
13/05/2020 MA RESCINDED order May 13 2020
09/04/2020 Notice Passenger Ropeways 2020 (002)
24/03/2020 Order to Owners of Passenger Ropeways-March 23, 2020