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Copies of the Acts and Regulations applicable to Elevating Devices can be obtained through Alberta King’s Printer.

Safety Codes Act 

Regulations made under the Safety Codes Act

  • Administrative Items Regulation 
  • Elevating Devices Code Regulation 
  • Elevating Device, Passenger Ropeways and Amusement Rides Permit Regulation 
  • Administrative Penalties Regulation 
  • Exemption Regulation 

Government Organization Act

Regulations made under the Government Organization Act: 

  • Elevating Device, Passenger Ropeways and Amusement Rides Administration Regulation 
  • Authorized Accredited Agencies Regulation 

Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act 

Regulations made under the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act

  • Apprenticeship Education and Industry Training Programs Regulation 
  • Designated Trades and Restricted Activities Regulation 
  • Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education General 

Societies Act 

Regulations made under the Societies Act

  • Societies Regulation 

STANDATAs are developed by Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council.

Visit Alberta Municipal Affairs for all STANDATAs. 

STANDATA-2003-01-Frequency of Inspections-ed-03-001 

STANDATA-2003-02-Certificate of Construction Permit Duration of Validation Requirements-03-002 

STANDATA-2009-Tethered Children-ed-2009-002 

STANDATA-2014-Hydraulic ControValves-ed-2014-001-r1 

STANDATA-2016-FEO 7000mm-ed-2009-005-r1 

STANDATA-2016-Single Bottom Cylinders-edvarience-ed-2016-001 

STANDATA-2017-ASME17.6-Standard for Elevator Suspension, Comp, Gov Systems-ed-2017-001 

STANDATA-2019-BCI-010-Elevator Operations and Accessibility-Barrier-Free 

STANDATA-19-EDB-001 Stretcher Car STANDATA-Variance 19-BCV-003(Rev1)/19-EDB-001 

STANDATA-19-EDI-001 Periodic Testing and Witnessing of Testing 

STANDATA-19-EDI-002 AECO Certificate Criteria 

STANDATA-19-EDI-003 National Building Code Alberta Edition 

STANDATA-19-EDI-004 Brake Maintenance 

STANDATA-19-EDI-005 Cleaning of Transparent Enclosures 

STANDATA-19-EDI-006 Maintenance Frequency 

STANDATA-19-EDI-007 On Site Maintenance Records 

STANDATA-19-EDI-008 Major Alteration to Equipment 

STANDATA-19-EDI-009 Elevating Devices Maintenance Personnel 

STANDATA-19-EDI-010 Escalator inspection Switches 

STANDATA-19-EDI-011 B355 Annex D 

STANDATA-19-EDI-012-19-FCB-009-2023 FEO Owner Testing-ma-Standata-joint-interpretation 

STANDATA-19-EDV-001 Test Record Data Tags-STANDATA-Variance-elevating-devices 

STANDATA-19-BCB-007R1-Permits Under Building Code-2021 

STANDATA-19-EDI-013-19-BCI-031-FEO for Alterations-March-2023 

STANDATA-20-PCB-013-Drainage of Water from Elevator Pits-April-2023