Elevating Devices Bulletin

All new or updated documents, forms, code and permit updates, and new requirements relating to Elevating Devices can be found within the bulletin below.

2021IBE21-016IBE21-016 Use of Elevator Security Keys for Construction Use Elevators
2021IBE21-015IBE21-015 Hydraulic Elevator Valve Replacement
2021IBE21-013IBE21-013 Minimum Door Speed Closing Times
2021IBE21-012IBE21-012 Replacement of Elevator Wire Rope Suspension Means
2021IBE21-011IBE21-011 On-Site Documentation required for Escalators and Moving Walks Tests
2021IBE21-009IBE21-009 Education Courses
2021IBE21-008IBE21-008 Elevator EPO Requirements
2021IBE21-007IBE21-007 Car Door Restrictors
2021IBE21-005IBE21-005 Understanding Category-5 Test Record Requirements
2021IBE21-002IBE21-002 Permits for Construction Use Elevators
2021Standata Standata – Building Permits Required
2020IBE20-022IBE20-022 Alternate Means of Testing
2020IBE20-015IBE20-015 Regulatory Requirements for Elevator Brake Dismantlement
2020IBE20-014IBE20-014 Escalator_Moving Walk UV Handrail Sanitizers
2020IBE20-013IBE20-013 Car Capacity and Loadweighing Devices
2020IBE20-011IBE20-011 FAQ Removing Elevating from Service
2020IBE20-010IBE-20-010 Acceptance Inspections during Covid-19 Pandemic UPDATE Apr 2020
2020IBE20-009IBE20-009 Esclator Step Indexing Recording of Values
2020IBE20-008IBE20-008 Failure to Comply with Cited Deficiencies
2020IBE20-005IBE20-005 Non-Compliant Safety Devices Cat-1 & Step Index
2020IBE20-004IBE20-004 Verification on Completion of Inservice Directives (VCID)
2020IBE20-003IBE20-003 On site Unique Procedures for MRL Elevator
2020IBE20-002IBE20-002 Inspection of Construction Elevators to Public Elevator Use
2020IBE20-001IBE20-001 Moderization and Alteration of Elevator Car Cabs
2019IBE19-005IBE19-005 Cat 1 & Brake Dismantling Completion Timeline
2019IBE19-004IBE19-004 FEO Recall Information Bulletin
2019IBE19-003IBE19-003 Category 5 Data Tags With Supplement
2019IBE19-001IBE19-001 CAT1 FEO EPO Testing
2018IBE18-004IBE18-004 Removing Unsafe Elevating Devices from Service List
2018IBE18-003IBE18-003 Testing of Emergency Power at Acceptance Inspection
2018IBE18-001IBE18-001 Signing of Logbooks for Completed Maintenance Tasks
2017IBE17-006IBE17-006 Record Keeping of Service Brake Acceptance Testing
2017IBE17-005IBE17-005 Personnel Hoist Inspection Policy
2017IBE17-004IB17-004 Escalator Barricading During Inservice Inspections
2017IBE17-003IBE17-003 AEDARSA Escalator In-service Inspections
2016IBE16-003IBE16-003 Major and Minor Alterations
2016IBE16-002IBE16-002 Testing LPPD Low Pressure Switches
2016IBE16-001IBE16-001 Proper Wire Rope Gauge