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The following is a list of all relevant forms for passenger ropeways, including forms for Permit of Operation, new construction or modernization, and checklists pertaining to device construction. Updated standatas are also listed.


Application for Permit of Operation (R)

Eda072.10.20 Application for Permit of Construction & Alteration (R)

Additional Forms and Links

AHS Guidance for, Gondolas, Trams, and Chairlifts

Variance Request

Variance Request Information

As Built Verification of New & Altered (R)

Canada West Ski Area Association

Copies of the Safety Codes Act and other Alberta regulations applicable to passenger ropeways can be obtained through Alberta King’s Printer.


Rope Tow Checklist (R)

Rope Tow With Secondary Carriers Checklist (R)

Surface Lift Checklist (R)

Above Surface Lift Checklist (R)

Passenger Conveyors Checklist (R)


STANDATAs are developed by Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council. Visit Alberta Municipal Affairs for all STANDATAs.

CSA Z98-19 Notice Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyor New Code

Passenger Ropeways and Conveyors Standards Regulation