Requirements and Permits

Requirements for Elevating Devices


On April 1st every year, a Permit of Operation will be issued to the agent/owner who is then responsible to pay the certificate fee and when necessary have a safety inspection performed by a quality safety codes officer. An Inspection Notice will be mailed to the agent/owner at the beginning of the assigned quarter for the lift. The lift is assigned to a quarter depending on when it was constructed, it location, and whether other devices in that building are scheduled. It is important that the agent/owner adhere to the schedule set by AEDARSA. Having the inspection completed and submitted to our office within the timeframe specified on the notice is your legal obligation as outlined in the safety codes act. 


Code Regulations for Operation of Elevating Devices

Under Clause 3(c) of Alberta Regulation 286/2002 of the Safety Codes Act, a person must hold a Permit of Operation in order to operate an elevating device. 


Under Clause 7(1) of Alberta Regulation 286/2002, the owner of an elevating device or the owners agent must apply to a safety codes officer for a Permit of Operation  in accordance with subsection (2) listed below:


  • Set out all the information necessary to demonstrate compliance with this regulation and applicable codes
  • Set out any other information required in writing by a safety codes officer
  • Include a copy of a safety inspection report if it is required by a safety codes officer
  • Be in a format acceptable by a safety codes officer
  • Be accompanied by the applicable fee

AEDARSA has been approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs for Alberta to issue Permits of Operation. No other agency may issue permits, however safety codes officers from agencies other than AEDARSA may perform the inspection to certify the permit, providing a copy of the report is registered with AEDARSA.


The conditions for the Permit of Operation are listed on the certificate itself, and are listed below:


  • The fees per the enclosed invoice are paid in full
  • Required safety inspections are completed

The frequency of inspections was established by the Safety Codes Council elevators technical division and approved by the Minister to ensure that elevating devices are maintained and operated in a reasonably safe condition.