AEDARSA is the independent provincial body responsible for making sure all elevating devices, amusement rides, and passenger ropeways in Alberta comply with provincial safety codes and regulations. 


We work closely with Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council of Alberta to administer and enforce public safety laws in these areas. According to our mandate, we are tasked with:


  • Providing information and resources to those installing elevating devices, amusement rides, and passenger ropeways
  • Reviewing all plans to ensure they meet safety requirements and codes
  • Conducting inspections/granting acceptance of all newly installed or renovated elevating devices, amusement rides, and passenger ropeways in Alberta
  • Investigating all accidents and making recommendations for changes where required
  • Managing and maintaining permanent records related to all delegated functions and devices
  • Providing technical advice and education  applicable codes and standards
  • Conducting all in-service inspections on elevating devices, amusement rides, and passenger ropeways in Alberta



In addition, AEDARSA is certified to conduct in-service inspections of existing elevating devices in competition with other accredited agencies.


Our Mission

To exceed the safety expectation of Albertans by providing high quality, cost effective, relevant and safety focused service.


Our Vision

To provide quality, cost effective administration with safety standards uniformly applied. 

AEDARSA is a non profit organization established in 1996 under the Government Organization Act of Alberta. We do not provide consulting, construction or maintenance services. 


AEDARSA serves the entire province of Alberta, with offices in Calgary and Edmonton. The day-to-day operations fall under the guidance of a senior management team comprised of our Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of Operations. They are supported by administrative staff and a team of safety codes officers in each city.


AEDARSA’s full time staff is growing to meet the needs of our stakeholders. This veteran team works closely with building owners, agents, and stakeholders to provide a variety of safety services including: licensing and registration, inspections, training, design review, and public education. 

Gordon Pattison – Chief Executive Officer


Dean McKernon – Vice President of Operations


Angela Cuthbert – Manager Administrative Services


Charlene Zatorski – Customer Service Support North


Tracy Mamer – Customer Services Support South


Sandra Corry – Administration Calgary


Robin Hughes – Administration Edmonton


AEDARSA is advised by and eight-person Board of Directors. Board members represent all industrial sectors regulated by AEDARSA. Directors meet quarterly to review all aspects of AEDARSA business. 


Jamie Tiessen – Chairman – Representing building owners with elevating devices


Rod Chisholm – Vice Chairman – Representing passenger ropeways


Andrew Cross – Secretary/Treasurer – Representing elevating device industry

Graham Fitzsimmons – Representing the elevating construction union


Brian Mykitiuk – Representing amusement rides


Harvey Lawton – Representing building owners with elevating devices


Pree Tyagi – Ministerial Appointee – Representing Alberta Municipal Affairs


Ryan Couture – Representing elevating device industry

Public Education

Rules, regulations, standards, technologies, and building practices are changing on an ongoing basis. AEDARSA safety codes officers interact on a daily basis with engineers, architects, building owners, elevating device contractors, and government officials. 

We work collaboratively to provide technical advice on codes and regulations concerning elevating devices and their practical application. We also make frequent presentations on a wide variety of topics of interest to stakeholders, and are continuously updating our website with timely updates and useful resources.