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The following is a list of all relevant forms for elevating devices, including forms for Permit of Operation, new construction or modernization, inspection requests, and checklists pertaining to device construction. Updated STANDATAs are also listed.


EDA.045.ECE 2022 Application for Elevator Car Enclosure

Supplemental Document to EDA 045 FEO RECALL 2023

Application for Permit of Construction and Major Alteration

Eda045.11.16 Application for Construction With Fees

Application for Special Inspection

Eda045.11.2020 Application for Special Inspection

Request for Inspection and Declarations

Elevator Installer Request for Inspection Declaration

General Contractor Request for Inspection Declaration

Hydraulic Elevator Valve Replacement Declaration 2020 Autofill

Governor and Safeties Test Data Sheet

Additional Forms and Links

Submitting Directives

Variance Request

Variance Request Information

GUIDE Escalator Moving Walk Start-up Checklist

Major and Minor Alterations

National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities

Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation of Canada

Copies of the Safety Codes Act and other Alberta regulations applicable to elevating devices can be obtained through Alberta King’s Printer.


New Construction/Modernization – Hydraulic Elevator Data Sheet Checklist

New Construction/Modernization – Electric Elevator Data Sheet Checklist

New Construction/Modernization – Escalator Data Sheet Checklist

LPPD Hydraulic Platform Lift – Data Sheet Checklist

New Construction – LPPD Stair Lifts Data Sheet Checklist

General Contractor Checklist


Standatas are developed by Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council. Visit Alberta Municipal Affairs for all standatas.

AEDARSA Advisor New Code 2022

New Elevating Device Code Notice

Alberta Regulation, Elevating Devices, Codes Regulation AR 192/2015, Single Bottom Cylinder Upgrades

Hydraulic Control Valves – ED-2014-001 Testing Requirements

Existing Elevator Modernization/Fire Alarm Interface

Elevating Devices Codes Regulation Alteration or Modernization

Elevating Devices Codes Regulation New Installation

Permit Regulation