AEDARSA is advised by an eight-person Board of Directors. Board members represent all industrial sectors regulated by AEDARSA. Directors meet quarterly to review all aspects of AEDARSA business.

Jamie Tiessen Chairman - Representing Building Owners with Elevating Devices

Rod Chisholm Vice-Chairman - Representing Passenger Ropeways

Andrew Cross Secretary/Treasurer - Representing Elevating Device Industry

Graham Fitzsimmons - Representing the Elevator Construction Union

Brian Mykitiuk -Representing Amusement Rides

Harvey Lawton - Representing Building Owners with Elevating Devices

Pree Tyagi Ministerial Appointee - Representing Alberta Municipal Affairs

Vacant - Representing Elevating Device Industry

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Calgary Office Address
Phone: (403) 216.5750
Fax: (403) 216.5755
209, 264 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, Alberta T2X 1J6

Edmonton Office Address
Phone: (780) 448.0184
Fax: (780) 448.0237
104, 8616-51st Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6E6