DateDevice TypeDescription
October 20, 2021Escalator A passenger fell while running up the escalator.
October 10, 2021Elevator A passenger was briefly trapped in the elevator.
October 10, 2021EscalatorA passenger lost their balance and fell down the escalator.
October 7, 2021Dumbwaiter Equipment failure caused damage to the device.
September 28, 2021ElevatorA passengers hand was pinched in the door as it opened.
September 16, 2021Passenger RopewayA maintenance personnel was injured while working on the lift.
September 3, 2021Amusement Ride A passenger leaned forward during ride operation, causing the operator to engage the emergency stop.
September 1, 2021Escalator A passenger tripped while running up the escalator.
September 1, 2021Elevator Elevator was shut down due to water in the pit.
August 16, 2021ElevatorPassengers were trapped in an elevator due to brake wear.
August 16, 2021Escalator A passenger fell while riding down the escalator.
August 16, 2021ElevatorElevator door did not open when arriving at floor, causing a passenger to be trapped.
August 14, 2021Elevator Passengers were trapped in the elevator after it did not leave the floor.
August 6, 2021Escalator Device was damaged during maintenace.
August 3, 2021EscalatorA passengers clothes were caught in the combplates, causing damage to the device.
August 1, 2021Passenger RopewayTwo passengers fell while unloading, resulting in an operator stoppage.
July 30, 2021ElevatorA passenger was struck by the elevator door while entering.
July 30, 2021Amusement Ride Equipment failure was reported during operation, causing the ride operator to stop the device.
July 29, 2021Escalator A passenger riding down the escalator lost their balance at the bottom landing.
July 28, 2021Elevator A fire in the building caused sprinklers to activate, which resulted in water flooding the hoistway and damaging the elevator equipment.
July 22, 2021Escalator Two passengers riding up the escalator fell, requiring a device stoppage.
July 18, 2021Amusement Ride A ride fault caused two passenger to be manually unloaded.
July 17, 2021Amusement Ride A passenger slipped while exiting the ride enclosure.
July 15, 2021Escalator Passenger fell while riding escalator in the up direction.
July 13, 2021Amusement RideA passenger reported a minor injury while the ride was coming to a stop.
July 13, 2021Escalator Passenger reported an injury after stepping off the escalator.
July 10, 2021Amusement RideA ride fault caused a shutdown. The fault was reset and passengers were able to unload.
July 10, 2021Amusement Ride Ride passenger reported minor injury during ride.
July 10, 2021Amusement RideA ride fault caused a shutdown. The fault was reset and passengers were able to unload.
July 7, 2021Amusement RideEquipment damage was caused during maintenance.
July 6, 2021ElevatorPassenger fell while elevator was in travel.
June 15, 2021EscalatorPassenger fell while riding escalator in down direction.
June 10, 2021EscalatorPassenger fell over walker while riding up escalator.
June 8, 2021EscalatorPassenger sustained minor cuts after losing balance.
June 7, 2021EscalatorPassenger tripped at bottom landing of escalator.
June 3, 2021ElevatorWorker was injured while servicing equipment.
May 6, 2021EscalatorPassenger tripped while running up the escalator.
April 30, 2021Passenger RopewayA safety device was tripped on the lift, causing a shutdown.
April 29, 2021ElevatorPassenger reported a banging/thumping noise while riding elevator.
April 28, 2021EscalatorPassengers using a walker while going down escalator lost balance at bottom landing.
April 25, 2021EscalatorPassenger lost balance while using down escalator.
April 22, 2021Escalator Passenger fell while riding up escalator until the device was stopped.
April 19, 2021EscalatorEscalator stoppage caused passengers to fall.
April 13, 2021ElevatorSprinkler head failed, causing damage to elevator pit.
April 13, 2021
EscalatorPassenger missed a step and fell down escalator.
April 9, 2021Passenger RopewayPassenger fell from lift while approaching the unload
April 7, 2021EscalatorPassenger with walker fell backwards while riding up escalator.
April 2, 2021Passenger RopewayPassenger fell from carrier prior to unloading zone.
March 22, 2021ElevatorEquipment testing caused damage to elevator cab.
March 21, 2021Passenger RopewayPassenger missed the unload, causing operator to stop the lift. No injuries or damage reported.
March 20, 2021EscalatorPassenger fell while riding escalator. Emergency stop was activated with no injuries reported.
March 20, 2021Passenger RopewayEquipment failure caused a lift shutdown with no equipment damage.
March 12, 2021ElevatorDamage caused to elevator during maintenance testing.
March 10, 2021ElevatorPassenger was exiting elevator and their hand was struck by the closing door.
March 10, 2021ElevatorElevator car reportedly dropped with a passenger inside.
February 28, 2021ElevatorA glass panel was kicked into the elevator pit, leaving an opening into the hoistway.
February 28, 2021EscalatorPassengers boot was caught in escalator skirt causing a shutdown.
February 27, 2021Passenger RopewayPassenger fell while unloading lift.
February 27, 2021ElevatorWater entered the hoistway of two elevators causing the shutdown of all four cars in the bank.
February 26, 2021EscalatorPassenger fell while walking down escalator that was not in operation.
February 26, 2021Passenger RopewayLift component was damaged and would not allow the lift to operate.
February 21, 2021EscalatorPassenger fell while travelling in up direction, causing emergency stop to be pushed.
February 16, 2021Passenger RopewayEquipment malfunction resulted in a manual evacuation.
February 16, 2021Passenger RopewayPassenger slipped under safety restraint, resulting in a crash pad landing.
February 16, 2021ElevatorBuilding flood caused equipment damage in elevator pit.
February 16, 2021ElevatorBuilding flood caused damage to two elevators causing shutdowns.
February 16, 2021ElevatorElevator sustained water damage.
February 12, 2021ElevatorBuilding water pipe break caused leak into elevator hoistway.
February 9, 2021ElevatorA flood in the building caused damage to elevator equipment.
February 9, 2021EscalatorPassenger running down escalator tripped and fell near bottom landing.
February 3, 2021ElevatorElevator maintenance provider was injured while working on the car.
January 29, 2021ElevatorWater leak caused elevator car to be shut down.
January 25, 2021ElevatorEquipment was damaged during testing.
January 22, 2021Passenger RopewayPassenger was struck by carrier after not being in position to load lift.
January 21, 2020Passenger RopewayEquipment damage was found on a routine check.
January 20, 2021Passenger RopewayPassenger was struck by carrier after not being able to get into proper loading position.
January 20, 2021EscalatorPassenger tripped over wheeled bag, causing emergency stop to be pressed.
January 11, 2021EscalatorPassenger tripped while running up escalator.
January 9, 2021Passenger RopewayPassenger fell shortly after loading onto chair, causing lift operator to stop the lift.
January 4, 2021EscalatorPassenger fell while entering escalator at bottom landing.
December 31, 2020Passenger RopewayPassenger slipped under safety bar, causing the lift to be stopped. No injuries were reported.
December 27, 2020ElevatorPassenger tripped while exiting elevator due to car not being level with floor.
December 21, 2020Passenger RopewayEquipment failure caused rope to be retained by cable catcher.
December 15, 2020ElevatorWater leak caused elevator to be placed out of service.
December 14, 2020ElevatorElevator car was out of level after arriving at floor, causing passenger to trip upon entry.
December 11, 2020Passenger RopewayPassenger slipped off of carrier and fell a short distance to surface below.
November 27, 2020EscalatorPassenger riding down escalator fell at bottom landing.
November 16, 2020ElevatorElevator pit flooded with no equipment damage reported.
November 16, 2020ElevatorElevator car stopped abruptly in express zone, causing passengers to fall.
October 29, 2020ElevatorPassenger was trapped in elevator when doors closed and would not open.
October 15, 2020LPPDLPPD was destroyed by a fire in the building.
October 8, 2020Amusement RideStructural cracks found during maintenance inspection.
October 4, 2020ElevatorBuilding flood caused shut down of elevator cars.
September 25, 2020ElevatorPassengers hand caught in door as door opened.
September 22, 2020EscalatorPassengers shoe caught in escalator step. No injury reported
August 24, 2020ElevatorBuilding irrigation line burst causing flooding in elevator pit.
August 22, 2020EscalatorPassenger riding down escalator stumbled at bottom landing. No injury was reported.
August 21, 2020ElevatorBuilding flood caused damage to equipment in elevator pit.
August 19, 2020ElevatorBuilding lobby flooded, causing damage to four elevating devices.
August 10, 2020Amusement RidePassenger injured shoulder while riding amusement device.
August 7, 2020ElevatorWater flooded elevator pit causing shutdown of both cars.
August 1, 2020EscalatorPassenger tripped running up escalator causing injuries.
July 17, 2020EscalatorPassenger fell down escalator causing injury.
July 1, 2020ElevatorPassenger tripped on door sill while exiting device.
June 22, 2020FunicularPassenger in device activated emergency stop. Damage was caused to the interior of the device before passenger could be removed.
June 17, 2020ElevatorElevator pit flooded, causing shutdown.
June 13, 2020ElevatorRain water caused damage to elevator pit equipment.
June 10, 2020ElevatorMultiple elevators failed category five testing.
June 7, 2020ElevatorPassengers trapped in elevator after power outage
May 25, 2020EscalatorPassenger fell backwards while riding up escalator.
May 24, 2020EscalatorPassenger attempted to ride wheelchair down non-operating escalator and fell down steps. No injury was reported.
May 24, 2020EscalatorPassenger rode up escalator with scooter and fell at top landing. No injury was reported.
May 20, 2020ElevatorWater leak in building caused damage to elevator and pit equipment.
May 12, 2020EscalatorPassenger slid down step band of device. No injuries were reported.
May 11, 2020ElevatorTrapped passengers treated for minor injuries.
April 27, 2020ElevatorBuilding flood caused two elevators to be shut down.
April 24, 2020EscalatorPassenger lost balance while riding up escalator.
April 22, 2020ElevatorElevator damage caused during testing.
March 27, 2020FunicularConstruction material across hoistway struck elevator cab, causing shutdown.
March 18, 2020Passenger RopewayPassenger caught ski tips on loading ramp, causing a mis-load onto the carrier. Passenger fell to the surface below.
March 13, 2020Elevator
Passengers arm was caught in elevator door while in nudging.
March 11, 2020Passenger RopewayPassenger riding conveyor slipped and fell backwards due to snow build up on conveyor belt.
March 11, 2020ElevatorEquipment malfunction caused damage in machine room.
March 10, 2020Passenger RopewayEquipment malfunction at landing caused passenger to fall from carrier. No injury was reported.
March 9, 2020Escalator Passenger tripped while walking up escalator.
March 7, 2020Passenger RopewayEquipment malfunction caused derail at drive station.
March 6, 2020Amusement RideEquipment damage was found during routine testing.
March 3, 2020Amusement RidePassenger slipped under safety constraints as ride operator started ride. No injuries reported.
February 29, 2020Passenger RopewayDuring transport, carrier slipped one full chair position on the haul rope into the occupied chair behind. The lift was manually evacuated with no injuries reported.
February 24, 2020Passenger RopewayPassenger was struck by t-bar while unloading and sustained a small cut.
February 18, 2020Passenger RopewayPassenger did not realize safety bar had been lifted and slipped out of the carrier falling to the surface below.
February 18, 2020Passenger RopewayPassenger re-positioned themselves on lift and slipped forward under safety bar. Passenger was unable to hang on to chair and fell to surface below. No injury reported.
February 18, 2020ElevatorFreight elevator ran between two floors with hall and car doors open before stopping between floors.
February 11, 2020EscalatorUp escalator stopped momentarily before starting travel in down direction. Unit comes to a stop after approximately 10 seconds.
February 11, 2020EscalatorPassenger tripped and fell while walking up the down escalator.
February 11, 2020EscalatorPassenger lost balance and fell at top landing of escalator. No inury reported.
February 7, 2020EscalatorPassenger riding up escalator fell backwards and struck their head on a step. Stop switch was engaged by second passenger at the bottom landing.
February 3, 2020EscalatorPassenger missed grabbing onto escalator handrail to gain balance and fell.
January 29, 2020EscalatorPassenger entering down escalator lost balance and fell backwards. Minor cuts were reported.
January 29, 2020EscalatorPassenger lost their balance and grabbed the arm of a second passenger, causing both to lose balance and fall. No inuries reported.
January 28, 2020EscalatorPassenger riding up escalator with shopping cart fell at top landing when cart became stuck.
January 24, 2020ElevatorPassenger waiting for elevator tripped on car door sill as the elevator arrived at the floor.
January 23, 2020EscalatorPassenger riding up escalator with two crutches fell backwards on first step. No injury reported.
January 21, 2020ElevatorPassengers finger caught in door as elevator arrived at landing. No injury was reported.
January 21, 2020Escalator Passenger riding up escalator with walker fell when walker was obstructed at top landing.
January 19, 2020DumbwaiterHoist rope failure caused car to fall down hoistway, impaling car on top of drive motor.
January 16, 2020ElevatorThree passengers trapped in elevator when car failed to arrive at landing
January 11, 2020ElevatorPassengers hand was caught in door as elevator arrived at landing. No injury was reported.
January 10, 2020ElevatorFire line froze and burst, causing damage to three cars in elevator bank.
January 9, 2020ElevatorSprinkler head failure caused water leak into hoistway, affecting three cars in the elevator bank.
January 8, 2020ElevatorBuilding parkade flood submerged elevator pit and car in water.
January 6, 2020ElevatorWater pipe burst causing water to leak into hoistway, causing elevator car to shut down.
January 4, 2020EscalatorPassenger riding up escalator fell as a result of handrail stall.
January 4, 2020EscalatorPassenger accessing up escalator lost balance, and landed on escalator steps at top landing.
January 4, 2020EscalatorPassenger accessing up escalator fell backwards over handrail.
January 2, 2020EscalatorPassenger sitting on escalator handrail lost balance, and fell over open side landing on ground level.

Shutdown Reports